Battery Health Check in Windows 8

It’s known that current batteries decrease their charging capacity over time.
If you’re interested to see in numbers what capacity your Windows 8 laptop or tablet battery can hold, do the following and you’ll get a nice looking html report:

  1. Open an administrative command prompt (cmd.exe)
  2. run: powercfg /batteryreport
  3. open the generated html file.

Tested on Windows 8 Enterprise, not sure if it works on RT or Pro.

You can go even further and see what processes are the most power inefficient by running at the same administrative command prompt:

>powercfg /energy

UPDATE: works on Pro and RT, tested on Surface RT and Surface PRO. Surface Pro’s battery lasts about 5 hours of average use (Outlook, Some Lightroom processing, web browsing).
Discovered that SkyDrive desktop app (the one that runs in background) is a huge battery hog and also keeps the Surface very hot at all times.