Best consumer IP camera for the buck

I’ve been in the market for a good IP camera for a while now and as it was not very easy to find something good enough for my requirements, I will share my findings with you.
My requirements are the following, and the camera that best matched them in a budget of not more than 150 EUR / 200$ is Foscam FI8918W:

nr requirement description compliance Comments
1 must have to be usable in Surveillance Station (Synology DiskStation) so you can record / motion record partial no audio
2 must have to be usable in low light or even better, in no light – with most cameras you can see almost nothing at dawn YES night vision
3 must have have as much of an wideangle as possible (for indoor use I see a 75-80 degrees angle view optimal so you have almost 100% coverage of the entire room if placed in a corner). partial 67
4 must have resolution of 640 x 480 or better YES 15 fps at 640 x 480
5 must have stealth – be quiet when panning / tilting and being able to turn off front leds YES
6 nice to have have WiFi so no data cables are required (just plug it in the air-conditioner wall outlet) YES b/g
7 nice to have use compression so storage and bandwidth requirements are not high and  NO MJPEG only
8 nice to have pan & tilt YES
9 nice to have easy to use web gui – not important if connected to a surveillance station (Synology DiskStation) partial many clicks to authenticate, no remember password option
10 nice to have have not expensive apps for smartphones YES for iOS and Android
11 nice to have to be able to disable WiFi when connected by wire YES
12 nice to have be able to upload motion detected video with sound by FTP so you have a backup if the recording server is not working / not available NO