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Add A Swap File On Existing Partition

Use case: One creates a cloud VM with minimal RAM and your service is being killed because it just needs some more. There’s only one partition on the disk attached so here we go: ` $ sudo fallocate -l 1g /mnt/1GiB.swap $ sudo chmod 600 /mnt/1GiB.swap $ sudo mkswap /mnt/1GiB.swap Setting up swapspace version 1, […]

Hidden New Feature in iOS 14

Now personal automations are truly automatic in iOS 14! Before, you had to tap a notification to run them, now that’s gone, they just run and are amazing! And dangerous! Have 🤩! More about iOS Shortcuts here.

How To Send Mail As on iOS With Gmail Account (E-Mail Alias)

It’s nice to only have a single e-mail address, but for some people that’s just impossible. And instead of configuring multiple accounts for all e-mail addresses on your phone, you can forward all mail to a single account and receive and send using all e-mail addresses. The native Google Mail mode on iOS (currently iOS […]

How to update a SharePoint list item using REST

If the list’s forms are customized and you can’t edit a field using them, with due permissions you can just make a fetch request from the console to update a certain field. You need the list name, item ID, field internal name and the new value. As with all POST requests to SharePoint, you need […]

SharePoint How To: Change a field’s JSLink property using JSOM

Whether you need to update the .js file and want browsers to automatically download the new version (skip local cache) or you need to completely change the script, here’s how you can achieve this in your browser’s console: const listUrl = ‘/sites/siteName/Lists/List’; const fieldTitle = ‘My Field’; const clientContext = SP.ClientContext.get_current(); const web = clientContext.get_web(); […]

How add Siri voice control to any smart device (*)

There are a lot of smart devices out there these days that are compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant or HomeKit, although most of them only offer support for Alexa or Google Assistant. A lot of them also support IFTTT, an integration platform for end users. If you have an iPhone and a smart device with […]

How To Get Effective Z-Indexes on All Elements On A Page

Sometimes you need to know what z-Index to set on a positioned element in order for it to really be on top of everything. If you own the whole page, that’s easy to manage, but when working on a page shared with other scripts that you don’t control, you need a way to tell what […]

How To Change UserCustomAction in SharePoint with Javascript (JSOM)

If you customized some part of SharePoint with a User Custom Action, Location=Scriptlink and need to update the js file at some point, having users use the new version is achieved by changing the scriptSrc. Otherwise, the old version of the JS file is cached by the browser even after F5. Only a SHIFT+F5 would […]

SharePoint – Cannot change hidden attribute for this field

In case you ever provisioned a Title field with the property Hidden=TRUE, and you need to set it to Hidden=FALSE later, you end up with this enchanting error: Cannot change hidden attribute for this field There are a couple of articles that suggest using PowerShell and Reflection, but if you like a pure web / JS […]

SharePoint – Changing JSLink property for a Content Type with REST

JSLink is a way to attach custom JavaScript code to run when the object it is attached to is shown on the page. For example, if setting the JSLink property on a field, the JS file(s) will be executed whenever that field is shown in a view or in a form. JSLink property can be […]