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Error in SharePoint Online 2013 When Importing Site Template

What happens if you upgrade one site collection from SharePoint Online 2010 to SharePoint Online 2013, then go to the root site, export it as a template with content, then import the template in a 2013 site collection and try to create a subsite based on that template?You get this useful error: An error occurred […]

What is Office 365?

You may have heard those two words quite often recently and you want to know exactly what they mean without to much marketing between the lines. Office 365 is a set of productivity tools offered by Microsoft as a subscription. You pay per user, per month or per year and get the following for your organization: spam […]

Collaborating with external users in Office 365’s SharePoint Online

If you’re not sure what Office 365 is, take a quick look. To be able to share a Office 365 SharePoint site with external users:1. Go to -> Admin -> Manage SharePoint -> Manage Site Collections -> Settings -> Manage External Users -> Allow -> Save2. Go to the site collection that will host […]