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Windows 8 Task Manager not responding (not updating graphs)

Ever tried to run Task Manager in Windows 8 and the graphs weren’t updating? Everything else works, you can scroll through tabs, see running processes, but the graphs for CPU, Memory, Network don’t do anything. Apparently, Task Manager’s graphs may go into paused status randomly and cause this issue. If you google the issue you […]

Surface Pro 128

I ended up with a Surface Pro 128 at a discounted price after the WPC 2013, so here it goes.Pros: light laptop gorgeous screen, although Windows 8 RTM doesn’t handle high DPI very well (I’m using it at 150% magnification) nice stylus Cons: hot heavy as a tablet not so great battery life (4-5 hours) […]

Adjusting screen brightness does not work (Windows 8, Windows 7)

It seems that this problems affects various brands of laptops and ultrabooks that have dual graphics adapters – Intel and some dedicated chip: after some time you cannot control the brightness of the display. Not with the function keys, not through Windows 8’s and Windows 7’s software controls and not by going to Power Plan’s […]

Battery Health Check in Windows 8

It’s known that current batteries decrease their charging capacity over time.If you’re interested to see in numbers what capacity your Windows 8 laptop or tablet battery can hold, do the following and you’ll get a nice looking html report: Open an administrative command prompt (cmd.exe) run: powercfg /batteryreport open the generated html file. Tested on […]