Document Management

Document Management Diagram

As your organization grows, people create and exchange documents at a pace that can become overwhelming without the proper tools.

People need to organize versions, group documents by project, by customer, by time or by document type (say commercial offer or contract). It’s hard to achieve this on the traditional file server that allows organizing files by folders and subfolders. Sooner or later it becomes crowded and people waste a lot of time finding the location to save new documents and then later to retrieve them from a sub-sub folder. Also, people end up moving documents back and forward by e-mail, wasting space, time and making difficult to find the right version. Not to mention that it’s impossible to have real access control in this situation and to even pretend to have any notion of traceability on file access.

A Document Management solution is the answer for all this. We picked up some pieces of software and put them together so that you can have peace of mind that information is suitably captured in documents, is stored securely and organized by customer, project, time or you name what criteria without guessing where to save it. People can find the files they are looking for immediately by keywords, hashtags, customer, name, document type and document contents or by looking at a dynamically generated structure that depends on the user’s role or the project. Moreover, information can be protected so that if someone leaks some documents by mistake or intentionally, documents cannot be opened by unauthorized users.

We are using technologies like:

  • Google Drive
  • Microsoft SharePoint (be it SharePoint online or SharePoint OnPremises)
  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • Microsoft Azure Active Directory
  • Microsoft Windows Server

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