Google Feels That E-mail Has to Evolve

If you’re (only) looking for a Google Inbox invite, you can skip to filling-in the form below.IMG_8351.PNG

As you probably know already, Google has launched a new front end for Gmail, called Inbox. It offers a simplified take on email, though one oriented to managing tasks.
You can set any message as a task so it will stick on top of your Inbox messages or you can seamlessly create new tasks. Then, you can easily postpone a message or task for later so you keep your Inbox focused on what you need to to next. Any postponed message or task will come back to Inbox after its snooze times out.
As simple as it may look, it’s a very good alternative to looking at an Inbox that just gets filled with new email and lets potentially important stuff to go down in the list.

To be able to use Inbox with your personal Google account, you need an invite. As they are limited for the time being, I’ll happily share one with you. Just answer the one question poll.