How To Get Outlook Like Functionality On iPad

Whether you need to categorize e-mail on your iPad, you need access to apps that you’ve installed from the Microsoft Store, you want to modify options or you’re just not happy with the plain old simple Outlook Web App that you get in Safari, there’s a solution for you that I’m happy to share.

Just install Chrome or any other browser (Opera?) that supports requesting desktop sites on your iPad and go to your 2013 OWA address. For Office 365 users, that’s
Now you’ll have access to categories, apps and much more, of course at the tradeoff of more clutter on the small screen and a bit of sluggishness.

This works if you have either an Exchange 2013 on premises or Office 365 account.
For a free trial of Office 365, go to Microsoft’s free trial page.

This is pretty close to the full Office Outlook 2013 experience and it’s by far the closest that you can get to Outlook on your iPad.