How To Integrate or link Facebook Groups with Google Groups

Suppose you need to communicate with a group of people out of which most have Facebook accounts  but some don’t and wish they needn’t create one.
Would it be possible to easily communicate with all of them? The answer is yes, although not both ways.
The solution that I am proposing to you offers the ability to fully communicate between members with Facebook accounts and partially with those that only have e-mail. The later will only receive communication but will not be able to interact (respond, like, post new discussions).
I assume you already have a Facebook group created and invited users with Facebook accounts. You can do that without having to friend all people, you just need their e-mail address.
The following steps are:

  1. Create a google group of type E-mail List (
  2. Set permissions for Public to post to the group (otherwise communication from Facebook won’t get through)
  3. Create a Facebook account using the group’s e-mail address. Set it not to accept friend requests and to be as stealth as possible in order to minimize e-mails sent to your people and administrative work.
  4. From this new Facebook account search for the Facebook group I assumed you had already created and join it. 
  5. Switch to your Facebook account and approve the join request
  6. Test by making a new post in the Facebook group. You should see the post on the group page.
  7. Add the email addresses of the people without Facebook accounts to the Google group by the “Direct Add Members” option.
Happy grouping!