How you can use Google Maps in offline mode (iPhone)

Summer’s here and you’re getting ready to go on vacation abroad. While Google Maps is a valuable friend when in your home country and with a data plan, when you go abroad, roaming data charges might still set you back a lot of cash on your bill. That’s why Google allows you to save portions of the map for use in offline mode. You still won’t be able to search and set new destinations, but you can still zoom and find your way as you would on a printed map. All you have to do is:

  1. While still at home and connected to the internet, or in a WiFi zone if already abroad, open Google Maps on your iPhone
  2. Search for the destination
  3. Tap and hold anywhere on the map until the red placeholder shows up.
  4. Tap the bar at the bottom
  5. Tap Save Map to Use Offline
  6. Zoom to the portion of the map that you want to save
  7. Tap save

That’s it! You can save multiple zones for offline use, so you can have a handy map of the areas you visit right in your pocket.