Out of Office Calendar

Also known as Leave Requests or Vacation Approval, Out of Office Calendar is about letting people and processes know when they can depend on people being in the office. It’s also about managers and human resources having a real-time, up to date situation of employees’ planned vacations and other types of time off. Last but not least, it’s about people having insight on their vacations days balance when planning their next holiday.

Whatever process that involves an approval is completely blocked or heavily delayed if the approver is out of office. With Out of Office Calendar, that’s no longer the case, as availability information for users is centrally available for both people and processes to use.


1 – 10 users: $190 (to be released)
11 – 100 users: $990 (to be released)
101 – 500 users: $2990 (to be released)
501+ users: request special quote

All tiers include 1 year maintenance (updates and customer support). Product works with one domain. For enterprise customers, please request special quote.
You can purchase support for years 2+, and a 20% discount is applied to first year price.
WSP package available for direct download after purchase. 


SharePoint 2013 Foundation, Server or SharePoint Online (any plan).


Installation is also straight-forward: activate the solution at site collection level, then enable the feature on the sites you need it. You can use one calendar for the whole organization, filtered by department, or you can choose to separate data between departments or business units, creating a separate calendar for each.