Quickoffice quietly made free by Google in the AppStore

Most probably in a response to Apple giving away iWork suite for iOS for free with each new device, Google removed the $19.99 price tag on Quickoffice. Once available for free only to paid Google Apps users, now it’s available to all acounts.

If you were on an iPhone and you had an Office 365 subscription you could have edited or created Word, Excel or powerpoint documents, but on the iPad, you could only do it after a $19.99 expense on Quickoffice or $29.97 on the whole iWork suite, whereas now it’s completely free, courtesy of Google. You can go ahead and download it from the AppStore: http://goo.gl/OeOa9z

Maybe it’s worth mentioning that the full iWork suite needs about 750 MB of flash on your device and Quickoffice is way more modest, at only 57 MB.

Microsoft, it’s your turn to bring office on the iPad.