Servers Support

As much as we hate it, sometimes the inevitable just happens. You kept telling yourself that you should verify your backups, but you never found the time to do it. Now, you’re stuck with a service down and users keep calling complaining that they cannot work.

It goes like this:
We sign an agreement for the Servers Support service, with the response time your require and the system you want us to support.
For most of the services, we set up monitors so we will be automatically contacted when something goes wrong. You can also contact us when you feel we need to intervene.
In the agreed response time, we start putting your systems back on track.

It’s time you get some help to put things back on track.

Just tell us a bit about your system you need support for and we’ll get back to you in no time.

You might also be interested in our Managed Services offer, where we proactively take care of your system so that downtime is reduced to minimum.