Office 365 SetUp

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Office 365 is a collaboration software suite by Microsoft, offered as a service (also called SaaS). More about it here.

Office 365 SetUp is our service that includes configuration, data migration, data synchronization and support.

You can either buy Office 365 directly from Microsoft or through a partner like us and pay the same price monthly or yearly.

If you buy Office 365 directly from Microsoft, you’re missing valuable configuration services that you can get from our certified professionals, paying the same price.

How is that possible?

When our customers buy Office 365 from our website, Microsoft pays us a commission, which we’ll give back to you as professional services. At the end of the day you only pay for the product but get more.

What you will get:

  • the Office 365 package of your choice
  • we will set it up for you at no extra charge from regular Office 365 price:
    • creating user accounts and passwords
    • setting up e-mail addresses for users
    • configuring forwarders (like office@your-domain, contact@your-domain etc.)
    • setting up your domain names and DNS entries

See Office 365 pricing.