Stay Connected While Visiting (Greece)

There are plenty of reasons to be connected to internet while visiting a foreign country and plenty of ways to do it, from extremely expensive to fixed reasonable price and always connected options.
The easiest way is to enable data roaming on your smartphone or tablet, and of course, the easiest is not always the cheapest. In this case this could cost you somewhere close to the price of the device you’re using if using it for two weeks, so lets look forward. Buying Wi-Fi internet or using it for free from your hotel is a viable option, only that many hotels have really high prices like EUR 20 for 12 hours and it’s not an option if you need to use GPS while driving, cycling or just walking.
The best solution I’ve found so far is to buy a prepaid data SIM from the destination country and stick it into your 3G tablet. It will cost you around EUR 10 – EUR 20 for 7 – 30 days with a data cap of between 1 GB and 2.5 GB. It’s fixed price and always available for use as: Google Maps, e-mail, web browsing, reading news on the beach or anything you can think of.

In Greece, you can get a prepaid card from Vodafone for EUR 20 and it will give you 2.5 GB of data for 15 days, after which you can top up or buy a new one. Unfortunately they don’t allow the Personal Hotspot on iPad.