Suggested Contacts on iPhone (iOS 4.2, 4.3)

I’m syncing my contacts with an Exchange 2010 Server, and since I have the LinkedIn connector installed, I have 3 contact folders in Outlook:

  • Contacts
  • LinkedIn
  • Suggested Contacts

which translate to 3 contact groups on the iPhone 4 (iOS 4.2 and now 4.3) after setting the Exchange account on it.

When I want to save a number from the Recent Calls list as a contact, the new contact is created in the Suggested Contacts group instead of the Contacts group as expected.

There’s no way to choose the group at saving time and also there’s none in Settings – a default contact group would have been nice.

I’ve seen workarounds like disabling the Suggested Contacts from Outlook, but those don’t work for me as I make great use of both Suggested Contacts ans LinkedIn contacts in Outlook and on the phone.

The solution is to restore (not upgrade) to the latest version of iOS (at the time of writing that was 4.3), and set it as a new phone (NOT restore from backup).

Take care that this means you have to backup all media (music, photos, videos). You will loose SMSs.