Surface Pro 128

I ended up with a Surface Pro 128 at a discounted price after the WPC 2013, so here it goes.


  1. light laptop
  2. gorgeous screen, although Windows 8 RTM doesn’t handle high DPI very well (I’m using it at 150% magnification)
  3. nice stylus


  1. hot
  2. heavy as a tablet
  3. not so great battery life (4-5 hours)

A quick WiFi speed test shows pretty decent speeds connected to a Linksys 610 with dd-wrt:
50 Mbps download, 33 Mbps Upload, though the numbers are definitely limited by the internet connection.

Regarding the tablet itself getting hot, I created a new plan, let’s call it Cool, and throttled the max CPU to 50%, which keeps it at 0.78 Ghz. It still heats up, but it seems cooler.
One other thing that significantly reduces heat and battery drain is not having SkyDrive desktop app started (ironically).
I’ll keep you posted.
UPDATE 1: I ended up using it at 100% DPI. It gives you some pixel real estate to do real work on it, with the expense of squinting and trying to touch buttons.